8 August 2012

Gratefully creating

Tonight I was invited to the Lost Short film night held at LBi each month.
What a fantastic line up! Including previews of documentaries, most expensive music videos from partizan, a meditation on the integer between numbers 3 and 4 and French grad animations.

It was afterward in the pub that things really got started, and then influenced this blog post.
Chatting to Orlando Wood from Biscuit about his latest documentary Revisionaries (winner of Tribecca Film Fest).

We were (as producers inevitably do) talking about funding and how shorts are a pain as harder than features. It's always a slog, long hard battle to get money, keep it, do you're tax on it...etc.

And incidentally we both realised we had previously been pretty bad at Maths!! He'd had an ex-classmate say to him "but you were terrible at maths!"
Glad I'm not the only math-phobic producer out there. (thank god for excel!)

But all this crowd finding and financing talk made me realise something on the long walk back to the station.
That no matter what, or how, no matter how you spin it, we in the film business are pretty privileged and lucky people.
We are surrounded by exciting creative energy and are supported by a whole leading cast.
I walked on realising that perhaps the homeless guy asking for cash was not or had never been in my position.

I come from a middle class family, went to a good school, had a good education, went to uni and although I never was crazy wealthy- I've definitely had lean months, hell, lean years!
But I've always been lucky enough to be surrounded by an amazing support group.

Even here in the UK, away from my best friends and family, I look around and see support from my partner, my boss, my colleagues, acting buddies and friends. It's this realization that makes me so grateful.
It's not how far I go in my career it's really about acknowledging and realizing these amazing people around me.
It made me thrice more grateful for my life, my job, my three careers and the numerous projects. Right now I'm involved in one project in pitching, one in post (sound) which needs to be in pitching, a new feature film role to learn, a long term script to rewrite, another script in development, a feature audition to tape, a newly developing feature, work shopping a cabaret, a novel and mini series to finish and other ongoing projects....hmm just realized how many different things that is!
But most importantly without my support network, doing coffees with me, helping out when I call unexpectedly and advising me in my life, I'd be nowhere.

So I want to take this time to say thank you. To be grateful to them.
Starting tomorrow. ; )

My question to you is :Who do you want to thank in your life?
Who's in your support team?

Til next time!

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