21 October 2010

Skype rehersals and Uk Tweetup!

Its a chilly thursday night and I have to go to rehersal. But its ok, Im rehersing at my house, over skype!
Seriously Im actually getting to love this new technology although at times it does feel restricting movement wise.

Skype rehersal? you say what a lazy way to reherse. But no my friend not at all considering in the film we are only on skype. Its an excellent way to get into character and chat as our characters having a normal dialogue as friends would.
I have to recommend it even if you are rehersing for a play.
Besides you can stay warm on your own couch, with a nice hot cup of tea beside you!

Also the new networking group Ange (Angela Peters) and I started called UK Actors Tweetup is on facebook now.
Check out the great pics from our first meetup last month, click the like button and then join our twitter page.

See you next time

8 October 2010

Return to the black inbox...

Whats happening around the place?
Having just come back from a 10 day holiday my inbox is overflowing, literally and very difficult to manage!

However I was completely blessed, when I just happened to be seated on the plane next to a financier!
We chatted the whole flight away, as he was a rather interesting gentleman and is quite interested in a two of my projects in development.
One was the webseries ‘8’ and the other being a tv series I’ve been writing for about 5 years now (!) entitled Any Other Day. A sci-fi/spy series.

Hope to meet up with him soon, also having some meetings with advertising execs and line producers as well. So fingers crossed we move forward on projects to be ready for pre-production come March 2011.

In other news I’ve noticed recently, The Hobbit, has had major issues.
Not just from being sold off as an MGM project, left with no director, New Line is now backtracking to let Peter Jackson direct. .(Probably the best for them – let go of the ego people) .Originally they said ‘never’ as PJ tried to sue them for withholding revenue.
Now this from FilmInk Magazine.
Four hundred New Zealand performers have passed a resolution calling on THE HOBBIT’s producers to hold negotiations in good faith on their terms and conditions of employment and recommending all performers wait until this occurs before accepting any engagement on 'The Hobbit'.

Read the resolution, made by New Zealand performers at a meeting in Auckland in full here:

Simon Whipp, Assistant Federal Secretary of Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance said:
“The resolution made by New Zealand performers has the full support of Australia’s acting community.

What they are asking the producers to do – sit down and discuss the employment conditions of New Zealand performers – is a reasonable, and lawful, request.
Good on you Simon!

Other exciting news is that co-productions with Australia have a 40% rebate and also bypass a lot of the content ruling set by the Australian Film Council.
Check out the article here.
Hope you all have a great weekend,
Till next time!

21 September 2010

Interviews and developments

Its been a while, but things have heated up recently!

Little Jade Productions has been going full storm from project to project.
Whilst we are developing Unify (currently in script development), I’ve managed to pick up another exciting project called 8. An internet webseries about 8 people who recieve a mysterious summons, and their lives begin to unravel.
More on that to come.....

Recently I’ve been in touch with Martin Gooch, director extrodinaire, who has sent me several interesting scripts to peruse and is currently in development for a new project which hopefully will be shooting this January.

Acting wise, I’ve been busy working on my character for the feature film ‘Dead by Midnight’, please see the website

Dead By Midnight -The film is a unique and entertaining dark thriller presented to the audience in a way unlike any film that has ever been made. Designed to surprise and shock, we offer the same morbid satisfaction one gets from seeing real life tragedy unfold before our eyes.
We are voyeurs. Nothing has changed in the history of mankind from the time of watching gladiators battle to death, to public executions in the middle ages to live news footage today.

We are the generation who will click on youtube to watch someone die on the other side of the world, then forward the link and move onto the next video clip.

Check out an interview I did for a new webshow called IVIEWME.
I had to create 10 questions I’d like to be asked....see below

Hope you enjoy it
Till next time!

13 July 2010

Latest film industry news

Dreary day thoughts.

Hobbit is now officially in pre pre production. What does that mean? Ian McKellan is on it, and said he is going forward – yay!

However there is still issues with finding a director and I’ve heard a source say, there are funding issues as the film is MGM….

I hear the MGM sale is still going on, and although I met a man in Cannes on a yacht who boasted he bought the entire back catalogue, yet apparently that is still on the market so who the hell knows!

This is also why the new Bond 23 film is stalled. And I thought it was a british film, but no, of course not.

On the grapevine is X Men casting in London! Yes that is right! So I will be duly forwarding my resume and headshot to them if you wanna know who just ask.

Other news is that an animation film Despicable Me has beaten Eclipse of the twilight fame in box office takings over the weekend! Wow!

Very big.

However right now, things are slowly starting up, had 4 auditions last week and although Im still looking for an agent I must say its nice to be able to manage my own career. Producing wise I am waiting to hear back from a job with Focus Features(eek!), and considering asking Lauren Schuler Donner if I can be her assistant when she arrives for XMen!

Lauren is an amazing woman and if you don’t know her name then you need to google her. She is a Producer who works at the highest level, with major studios, like Sony, Universal etc. She has produced some films you may know like, X Men, Constantine, Ladyhawke, Free Willy, You’ve Got Mail.

But I digress, Im off to the Lake District next week, and hope to have a final draft of Unify which will now by 7min long.

We are still looking for funding so if you would like to support us please go to:

For more info see:

That’s all folks!


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7 July 2010

Preproduction is stressful….

So its been a bit of stress recently with the pre production of Unify and then the last minute funding issues, but then maybe the funding issues that have temporarily halted the film are a blessing in disguise.
Unify is going to be postponed till mid October to give us more time for funding.
I really love our project and believe that had we tried to film it on a budget it would have compromised the whole look and feel of the film.

So although Ridley Scott will no longer have the viewing pleasure of our film however, more festivals will, and we will have less constraints with corporate funding, better script and a product we can send to festivals like Sundance, Cannes and Clermont Ferrand!
If you havent donated and would like to do so (and help the future of British film!) go here

Onwards and…onwards!
Had a great audition yesterday and another tomorrow, also fingers crossed as there are several projects that are possibly flowering so fingers crossed for those!

Im attending the Limelight Awards night on Thursday and if anyone else is please come and say hi! Should be a fun night.

Today Im working on rewrites of Any Other Day, a tv show that I have been valiantly working on for years now! But it is good, Im just a perfectionist!
Also check out the new brit film Skeletons directed by Nick Whitfield, it has great reviews and just won the Michael Powell award at Edinburgh for Best new British Film!
Congratulations Nick!

That’s all for now
Jade xoxo

26 June 2010

It's a lovely day when Tony Noble comes to you!

Hi folks
Just a quick update on the film we have just had the lovely

Tony Noble come aboard as art director! Yes the Tony Noble who worked on Moon!
Very exciting, our little crew is growing but we still need your help budget wise! If you can please give anything and we will make a great film, sing your praises and win this competiton!

Last night we trooped along the thames looking for locations, any derelict and abandoned buildings and we found a great one at wandsworth. I migt have seen some people breaking in..; )
Very heady exciting stuff.

Will keep you posted!

Jade xoxo

Crew scouting over a bridge!

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21 June 2010

Cannes funny

Ah well I couldn't resist while some of the films Cannes screened were amazing some that were being sold were hilarious!
Naked Nuns with Big Guns is a great example or Big Tits Zombies.

What you have to know about Cannes is that it is a film market for professionals. It's not a film lovers festival, it's about buying and selling. Everyday the trade magazines come out, yep that is a daily colour glossy magazine and there are at least 5 important ones. Hollywood reporter, Independent, 2 Variety's, Screen etc etc. I had to collect them for our guys and I'm slowly reading thru them now.
They report on who buys what, who is selling, who has money and how countries are doing film incentives. It's really interesting...,ok to me!!

But in case you were wondering what films were good that I saw, then in a few months check out Fair Game, new Doug Liman film with Sean Penn and Naomi Watts. It's Amazing!!!!
Poetry from Korea had me in tears.
Carlos the 5.5 hour miniseries is fantastic.
Heartbeats is ok but long.
Robin Hood? Well if you haven't don't bother, unless you wanna hear Rusty's crap accent!
And in case you were wondering, no I did not see big titts zombies!!! But it is has been bought and will be available in the uk. Scary!
Xoxo jade

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31 May 2010

Home again

Now Cannes is over I'm left with a cold and lots of work to sort out!
Also my first day back my job gave me 6 weeks... So this is a shout out, if anyone knows or needs a production co-ordinator or producer assistant please let me know! I need paid work at this point, preferably full time but happy to take part time too!

Now is when the real cannes work begins, emailing all the contacts and as my friend says coming ou. Of the alternate reality that Cannes resides in, leaving the parties people celebs crazy money and amazing opportunities, the free booze the excuses to get into VIP sections behind and go back to my old life....
Platinum Chisel my film was very well recieved and although short distribution is few and far between I am hoping to hear back from the buyers I contacted.
I made a pact, over bellinis, to go back next year and somehow by hook or by robbing a bank or even (shock horror) going to promote a film I will get back. I will be back in Cannes for 2011. See you there.
Ps this blog like that titanic song will go on.....

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21 May 2010

Cannes wind down

Well Cannes is winding down most of our friends left this morning or yesterday and there is a definately feel of finishing. Which is sad but honestly I'm exhausted fromgetting 4-5hours sleep a nite!!
Recent news is I entered the flip camera competition mainly cos they give you a free flip camera worth 500US and you have to shoot a film. So I entered yesterday very late(blagged myself in really as I hadn't registered and registration was cut off last week). I had 24 hours to make a short
Which isn't so bad but I had to work both days and fit It in around that!!
But I did it, chck out the film at
You can watch it here:

Tickets Please!

"Made for the 2010 Flip Contest at Cannes Film Festival.

Tickets please is a short film about the non professionals who attend Cannes. Coming from around the world, standing for hours outside the Palais with handwritten signs hoping to see the films, or even walk the red carpet."

Directed by Jade Alexander.

Today is the day for the competition judgeing so fingers crossed!
Also as a side not today at the carlton hotel I saw a bugatti and a new concept mclaren. Wow.
Just about to head home to get changed for tonigts parties!
Beautiful weather and I can't wait to swim and sunbake tomorrow!
Me and alyssa being papped.

Beautiful weather


Concept mclaren see the wing door!

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20 May 2010


Hi everyone,
Sorry I have been a bit lax but when your average day begins at 7.30am and you arrive home at 3am, there is very little time to spend blogging!

But its still amazing.
Im sitting in the lobby of the Carlton hotel as I write this, regretting ordering my espresso, it is 7 Euros. Officially the most expensive coffee I have EVER had. And yet still not the best!

Today is a beautiful day and I was lucky enough to have to run errands and walk up and down the Croisette (which is the boardwalk alongside the beach. People are sunbaking and its real sunshine and warmth.
I have just recieved another text for an errand so I'd better go and fill you all in on the juicy goss after....

Paul Allen unfortunately did not invite me to either of his yacht parties, I am a little sore about that but its fine, I will not invite him to my house for dinner.
In case you're wondering Paul is one of the Microsoft founders and owns one of the largest private yachts in the world. In fact it has a submarine on board that seats 8 people!
Last night he had the Rolling Stones perform and on Sunday night it was Wyclef Jean and Bono. I think my invite was lost in the post...At the party, all of ICM and all the big guys in town, including talent like Meg Ryan, Cuba Gooding junior, Jean Claude Van Dam, Xavier Bardem, Giarmo Del Toro etc etc...

Oh dear have to run an errand blog again soon!

xoxo jade

15 May 2010

Party Time!!

So the tough thing about Cannes is that in France I have no access to internet when and where I want it. Mainly because of global roaming costs.

Please excuse any rambling I do right now, I have had about 5 hours sleep for 4 days and cannot remember what day it is. Someone had to tell me!

Last night was a blast, half work half play. I got into the hot party which was Abu Dhabi film commission on the beach at Century Club! I did have to wait an hour outside as I had my bosses tickets but when he turned up it was all good.
So Hal Sodoff is 2nd in command at ICM and he turned up with Sam Gupta a financier man who - lets just say Im beginning to suspect might be a millionaire, but Sam is a great guy and buys me drinks : ), but I also had to give tickets to Suhail, the man who OWNS ICM. Suhail is a man with money, he just went to Monaco and partied on a private yacht. He brought 3 leggy blondes (one is his wife) and two young men with him.
I went to chat to them to see what they do, and the tall african american guy seemed really nice, we chatted while dancing and drinking and he told me he works for google. So I ask if he is a programmer. Honestly I must have just drunk too much.
He laughed at me.
We chatted about other things and I asked him what his actual title was as he seemed to be not a computer guy....he gave me his card
Vice President of Google.
Oh. Wow. He was with the 2 guys who started the company way back when.

Then my friend Ange came over with her producer friend Andrea who I got into the party, and we chatted to the other guy. He seemed young, and then I found out, he started YouTube. Hmm ok. (I wasnt feeling at all out of place!).

Music was great, heaps of people were there and we all danced like crazy!
and I made sure I got people to go and see my film!
ICM is the most amazing company to intern with, they are awesome and take us 4 interns out to every party introduce people to us and even give us red carpet invitations.
So on Thursday night (had to think about that one), we went out to dinner at Le Pizza, a famous restuarant/institution here. ICM booked 35 tables and I am working by the way with Hal Sodoff (2nd in command of ICM). Hal invited us interns out to dinner with his friends, all of whom are bankers, financiers, sellers, producers, etc etc.
On my right I sat next to a man who works for a company called Technicolour. They do everything from making the film (actually creating film to shoot on) to colouring to all sorts of technical things I could not remember. Lots of distributing of film stock etc etc.
On my left was an older man who seemed a little cold. His name was Tony. I chatted to him and gradually wore down his aloofness and asked what he does "oh I work for a little company called Fox"
Me: "oh" (great reply huh!)
Him: "yes"
Me: "so what is your title there?"
Him: "Im chief executive officer of fox"

So Tony is the guy who buys and sells films. This is his 21st Cannes Film Festival and he is not a party guy. People are always trying to get him to buy or sell stuff and he doesnt even go to the Palais (where the film market and films are screened). Fox has offices in their hotel The Carlton Hotel.
Now in case I didnt let you know, the Carlton is the original of the Ritz Carlton, its grand and old and all the studios who can afford it set up their offices on the ground floor.
Its amazing, they fully redecorate the corridors for their offices so it doesnt even look like a hotel room!
We are based in the Carlton. But we are not so lavish, we do have a suite though and an amazing ocean view!

Tony was great, I invited him to party and he wanted to go home and read his book!!!!!! in CANNESS!!!!!
But I did manage to get him to take my film pack and he said he would go home and watch it! Yay!
I also managed to meet David Lancaster of Bold Films who met me Friday morning and took my film as well. David has productions in UK, USA and Australia coming up!

So Im doing pretty well, giving high level people my film and making friends and contacts. Gotta dash off to a meeting with a producer/director from London but love to all!
Try to post again soon!

PS we are trying to get into the Dolce and Gabbana party, and Vanity Fair soon, also Paul Allens Yacht party with Bono and Wyclef Jean will be sure to be the best!!!
jade xoxo

12 May 2010

Cannes this morning!

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Chillaxing at Carlton Hotel in Cannes!

Well I'm living it up in the nicest hotel on the Croisette! Our internship is with ICM. If you don't know them think of the most famous celeb and ICM represent them. They are Hollywoods oldest and biggest agency representing A List actors, writers, directors, and producers And they sell and buy films, set up financing and distribution.
So I'm helping out them sitting in the office on meetings with moneymen and overhearing what films are going on. It's great!
I even got to show my film platinum chisel to them
And they loved it!!! Yep!
James shepherd our Platinum made a real impact on them!
We are now trying to get tix to robin hood premiere tonight with all the starsopening Cannes!
So exciting!!!
Also were hoping to go to the after party eek!!
Bye for now


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9 May 2010

Off to Cannes

Despite the volcano Efflakjoutyx.... ( I cannot spell or pronoune it), I'm currently en route to marble arch station to catch another bus to get to Luton airport at an early hour. Therefore it is now some ungodly hour where tube is not on yet, and I share the beginning of my journey, rather ironically,with a load of tired drunks.

The weather is frozen and sky barely lightening and I'm hoping to be under 30 kgs or incur the wrath of easyjet. Financial wrath that is, for 45£ for each 3kg...,yes.
Slowly other travellers have boarded and I don't feel so dirty now.
; )
So very excited and worried I've forgotten or misplaced but- no I have everthing including my stuffed security blanket, Totoro.
He will be witnessing all my adventures and may even blog once.
Lots of love
See you in Cannes!
Jadie xoxo

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Location:Bus to airport

29 April 2010

Sci Fi Film Festival, Cannes Countdown, Auditions!

What a couple of weeks!
For the first time ever I was laid down by severe muscle strain in my back. How did I do it you ask?
I have NO IDEA!!
Then this week I have had 6 days of gastro.
Tell you what its been really crazy. Maybe that’s the reason for all these illnesses, Im getting sick because Im worried, stressed and trying to hold it altogether!

SCI-FI Film Festival
I attended the opening last night, complete with storm troopers, press and directors. The free chocolates were fantastic and then it was trumped by free drinks and then cupcakes and icecream. Which did nothing to cool the hot atmosphere inside the Apollo theatre. But it made a very happy Jade and Siti who accompanied me.
We saw the Arthur C. Clarke awards, and watched China Mieville win for his latest novel, and then were ushered in to watch the feature film Splice by Vincenzo Natali, its now in talks with Warner Bros to be released worldwide!
The short film that won the 48 hour film challenge was inspiring and amazing - better than films Ive done with no time limit!
Well done to those guys.

Its been fantastic, offers have been coming in for it to be screened in places as far as Vladivostock, France and Portrugal. Not to mention a few interesting distribution offers.
I've been hard at work on the website refining everything I want. The new website is fantastic (I did it myself so it must be!) and will be launched very very soon.
Watch this space…..

Auditions have been great, I met with a certain agent who seemed very nice and proceeded to tell me about what I should do in an audition… was a bit bizarre.
Im torn, not so sure about them, although the feedback so far has been very good.

On the other hand I will be working very hard with ICM at Cannes. So very exciting to be paired with such an amazing company!
I will be working with their US branch as a production intern. Should be a very interesting experience, and hopefully they might be interested in representing me in London (I should be sooo lucky!).

That’s all for now folks,
Keeping you posted and thank you for reading!
Jade xoxo

14 April 2010

Mike Leigh goes to Cannes!

Wow, the question is now who ISN'T going to Cannes!

Mike Leigh has a new film, confirmed to be premiering at Cannes this year. Have a read!

Also on that there are a whole heap of films that will be shown at Cannes at the bottom of that email. Im a little hurt Platinum Chisel is not there. I guess the Guardian is biased to UK films.

In other good news we are invited to show at the Vladivostock Film Festival. A little strange and - to use a very aussie saying - RANDOM, but there you go.

What am I watching right now? A great interview with Ricky Gervais and some other guy (no actually Stephen Merchant) about their new film Cemetary Junction. Which incidentally has been advertised to hell and back. Have a look here.

In other great news, we have an imdb page for Platinum Chisel.
Please go there, vote for us, visit the page and boost our numbers!
And then go to facebook, join the group and tell your friends.

Its been a long labour of love to create this film and come friday we will be uploading the FINAL version to Short Film Corner. Fingers crossed,
Until then.
In the words of our fearless leader,
Go Hard, Go Chisel.

12 April 2010


Having one of those days where everything seems so hard and so much effort and I wonder will any of it pay off?
I know we all have days like this and its probably caused by too much work, yet I still wonder whats going on!
A good friend advised me that probably this crazy life where I am constantly on the edge of being broke and working all the time has to stop sometime. And today is one of those days that I agree.
Although to be fair I worked all weekend and am feeling just exhausted mentally and physically. Not to mention that since I woke up, its been one setback after another.

When you put so much effort into one thing, for example my film, and then to have it knocked back in your face at the very end stages just really reallyfrustrates me.
Waiting waiting. Waiting for other people to let me know, to get back to me, is so frustrating!

Breath deep. Know it won't last forever. Keep pushing up hill even when today I don't feel like it.
Hopefully it will all pay off one day.
Fingers crossed.

30 March 2010

Platinum Chisel is accepted into Cannes Film Festival!

We got in. To Cannes that is!
Its official, my first short film (as sole producer) Platinum Chisel has now been accepted into the Cannes Film Festival Short Corner!!!

I cannot tell you how excited and happy that makes me.
All the long..….well, I mean everything, the long process really!
Its actually over a year since we first started work on the film. I think I first came up with making Platinum a film in January 2009, and approaching Mike Lewis our writer around then…back in Sydney back at Sydney Theatre Company.
And now in March 2010 after career changes, changing continents, moving to 3 different places to live, and touring for 5 months around australia and that’s just me. My director had holidays, moving house, computer blowing up (yeah really).

Now finally I feel like the hard work is paying off, and it’s a GOOD feeling!

I just found us on the Short Film Corner's catalogue:
That is just surreal!
So while we gather our breath, gather our courage and our sales pitches. Look out for us at Cannes Film Festival 2010
Go Platinum. Go Hard, Go Chisel.

24 March 2010

The 1000 Journals Project, I stumbled upon whilst surfing.
A man releases 1000 blank journals in the world for people to write, draw and illustrate their life experiences and pass on..did they ever come back?
What happened to all those journals?
Or read the book at amazon! Its beautiful, leather and stiched inside too!
I would love to start a project like this, linking people around the world through experience of expressing yourself in a journal then passing it on, and on and on......

I found this article on Raindance, my new favourite newsletter.
It is great for actors in London, gives you lots of things to sign up to and ideas to ponder...

A photographer I went to auditon for, has the most beautiful photos of her dreams!!! They are just amazing!
Maybe I'll begin another dream journal....

What inspires you?

19 March 2010

Well, its been a while since my last post and I have been recovering from bad laryngitis.
Trying to speak in Chinese with my basic working level of mandarin whilst having said laryngitis over the weekend was a massive challenge.

Also I found being sick on a film set is not fun. I have been sick on set before, but not on a no budget film - ahhhh chaos……weirdly fun when you are well and not so much when you are very ill.
One thing I Always inevitably find on set, whether or not there is money behind the project, is that if one or more people aren't into the film then….well chaos reigns.
In this case, surprisingly, it was the producer.

Maybe people underestimate the effort and time involved? Who knows. I just know that this certain person decided that we didn't need key props the morning of the shoot and that he didn’t have time to collect them.
But rather than complain about this, I take it as another lesson about having a DEDICATED crew and cast.

Reminds me of my own film, which by the way is doing well. Understatement - its doing AMAZING, racing against the Cannes Independent deadline. Im currently conversing with Sydney and London based post production crew which is kinda fun, although costly!
I do not want to look at my phone bill next month!!!

Still reading up on Cannes, it sounds crazy yet amazing. Im really hoping to meet some celebrities, being, in my world, anyone from any Joss Whedon project. Or even Joss himself.
I think I would probably just gape. And maybe do that thing in Waynes world, kneel on the ground and worship saying "im not worthy!".
Who knows what will happen, but I am hoping to be placed with an awesome producer. Im in two minds, someone big has massive kudos and pulling power. Warner Bros, or Fox Searchlight!
But someone smaller probably has more to teach me, yet may not be able to offer me a job afterward or have as much wow factor. Decisions decisions!

BTW if anyone knows a Grader please give them my number/website please! so they can contact me!

Also Im crazy excited about my new film poster for Platinum! Check it out!
Xoxo Jade

11 March 2010

Auditions and Craziness

What a week! Its been a bit crazy and hard to believe it is still only Thursday.
I think my panda eyes are getting larger, not to mention the fact I feel off because of a coldy/fluy thing in my throat.
My best friend just had a baby, her second. Shocking, I know.
But what a beautiful girl, Ella! Welcome to the world.

I am shooting this weekend and I cant seem to get to bed before 11pm each night! Too much to do!
What? I hear you ask. (Well actually I do not kid myself that people are reading this but it is a good exercise for me and way to keep writing!).
Well, on Tuesday I had an audition with Greg (yep he actually was asked to act), where we played an aussie couple (scary huh?!) and said aussie stuff like sheila, bloke, mate, koala, fosters, backpacking in earls court (WTF???!!!) and pretended it was another language.

Then we must have impressed as we were asked to come back for a callback on wed. So back we went and hopefully impressed the directorwith our ocka

Then afterward I had an audition for XBox Live which consisted of being amazed and "just look like the Xbox is changing your life right now!". Hmmm…ok.

Then this morning I got a call from a rather large prestigious theatre company who would like to audition me for their new show which sounds Amazing!!
So I say:
J: Sure, umm when are you devising the show?
Them: During May
J: Oh sorry I am actually at the Cannes Film Festival then.
T: Oh alright, well we need to think about that, we'll call you back tomorrow.
J: (idiot idiot idiot).

Although I may still have an audition with them it really is not the worst possible choices; do a show with the National Theatre or go to Cannes? Oh life has changed!
So in summary things are going well.

Also my last film I was involved in has gone live.
I am featured in the opening scene, as a chinese woman in Beijing having yum cha with the girls. All in Mandarin!
The Night the Creatures Came Alive part of the 28day Film Festival Challenge is going to be in competition this Saturday so fingers crossed!
Here is a link to the trailer.

Im shooting a short feature this weekend called Spring Rolls, speaking in Mandarin, but written by an Italian scriptwriter, with an Indian director, produced in London.
Should be interesting…….
Bye for now
Jade xoxo

5 March 2010

Film Sound Article

Just thought to share this amazing read on film making. Its about sound and filmmaking, or to be more accurate about Sound Design and how sound is not just about words, spfx, music. Its about what is being absorbed by the audience when there are no words or less visuals.
Have a read, it taught me a bit about scriptwriting and creating a film.

3 March 2010

New Film

Hey everyone,
Im in a new film called Spring Rolls. Its a chinese film where I play the - well I won't give it away!
But the film is centered around a Chinese woman, and we all have to speak in Mandarin. So I will be working to brush up my chinese.
This is pretty exciting, as it is my first official role since landing in London. I had the European Winter blues through dec-jan and now things are starting to look up. Spring is sprung, the bulbs are popping up over Ealing Green and things are looking much much better.
Funny how much a little sun can change your mood!
till next time
xoxo jade

15 February 2010

Cannes 2010

Hi everyone,
This is my new blog where I will be posting exciting morsels of juicy gossip when I get to Cannes, and of course other inspiring notes along the way.
Here we go!
Almost my birthday (this weekend) and its a big one (i wont say how old - you have to guess). But hopefully 2010 brings lots of amazing new adventures. Greg and I are off to Marrakesh for the celebration, now thats pretty adventurous.
Stay tuned.
xoxo Jade