21 October 2010

Skype rehersals and Uk Tweetup!

Its a chilly thursday night and I have to go to rehersal. But its ok, Im rehersing at my house, over skype!
Seriously Im actually getting to love this new technology although at times it does feel restricting movement wise.

Skype rehersal? you say what a lazy way to reherse. But no my friend not at all considering in the film we are only on skype. Its an excellent way to get into character and chat as our characters having a normal dialogue as friends would.
I have to recommend it even if you are rehersing for a play.
Besides you can stay warm on your own couch, with a nice hot cup of tea beside you!

Also the new networking group Ange (Angela Peters) and I started called UK Actors Tweetup is on facebook now.
Check out the great pics from our first meetup last month, click the like button and then join our twitter page.

See you next time

8 October 2010

Return to the black inbox...

Whats happening around the place?
Having just come back from a 10 day holiday my inbox is overflowing, literally and very difficult to manage!

However I was completely blessed, when I just happened to be seated on the plane next to a financier!
We chatted the whole flight away, as he was a rather interesting gentleman and is quite interested in a two of my projects in development.
One was the webseries ‘8’ and the other being a tv series I’ve been writing for about 5 years now (!) entitled Any Other Day. A sci-fi/spy series.

Hope to meet up with him soon, also having some meetings with advertising execs and line producers as well. So fingers crossed we move forward on projects to be ready for pre-production come March 2011.

In other news I’ve noticed recently, The Hobbit, has had major issues.
Not just from being sold off as an MGM project, left with no director, New Line is now backtracking to let Peter Jackson direct. .(Probably the best for them – let go of the ego people) .Originally they said ‘never’ as PJ tried to sue them for withholding revenue.
Now this from FilmInk Magazine.
Four hundred New Zealand performers have passed a resolution calling on THE HOBBIT’s producers to hold negotiations in good faith on their terms and conditions of employment and recommending all performers wait until this occurs before accepting any engagement on 'The Hobbit'.

Read the resolution, made by New Zealand performers at a meeting in Auckland in full here:

Simon Whipp, Assistant Federal Secretary of Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance said:
“The resolution made by New Zealand performers has the full support of Australia’s acting community.

What they are asking the producers to do – sit down and discuss the employment conditions of New Zealand performers – is a reasonable, and lawful, request.
Good on you Simon!

Other exciting news is that co-productions with Australia have a 40% rebate and also bypass a lot of the content ruling set by the Australian Film Council.
Check out the article here.
Hope you all have a great weekend,
Till next time!