21 October 2010

Skype rehersals and Uk Tweetup!

Its a chilly thursday night and I have to go to rehersal. But its ok, Im rehersing at my house, over skype!
Seriously Im actually getting to love this new technology although at times it does feel restricting movement wise.

Skype rehersal? you say what a lazy way to reherse. But no my friend not at all considering in the film we are only on skype. Its an excellent way to get into character and chat as our characters having a normal dialogue as friends would.
I have to recommend it even if you are rehersing for a play.
Besides you can stay warm on your own couch, with a nice hot cup of tea beside you!

Also the new networking group Ange (Angela Peters) and I started called UK Actors Tweetup is on facebook now.
Check out the great pics from our first meetup last month, click the like button and then join our twitter page.

See you next time

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