7 July 2010

Preproduction is stressful….

So its been a bit of stress recently with the pre production of Unify and then the last minute funding issues, but then maybe the funding issues that have temporarily halted the film are a blessing in disguise.
Unify is going to be postponed till mid October to give us more time for funding.
I really love our project and believe that had we tried to film it on a budget it would have compromised the whole look and feel of the film.

So although Ridley Scott will no longer have the viewing pleasure of our film however, more festivals will, and we will have less constraints with corporate funding, better script and a product we can send to festivals like Sundance, Cannes and Clermont Ferrand!
If you havent donated and would like to do so (and help the future of British film!) go here

Onwards and…onwards!
Had a great audition yesterday and another tomorrow, also fingers crossed as there are several projects that are possibly flowering so fingers crossed for those!

Im attending the Limelight Awards night on Thursday and if anyone else is please come and say hi! Should be a fun night.

Today Im working on rewrites of Any Other Day, a tv show that I have been valiantly working on for years now! But it is good, Im just a perfectionist!
Also check out the new brit film Skeletons directed by Nick Whitfield, it has great reviews and just won the Michael Powell award at Edinburgh for Best new British Film!
Congratulations Nick!

That’s all for now
Jade xoxo

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