21 September 2010

Interviews and developments

Its been a while, but things have heated up recently!

Little Jade Productions has been going full storm from project to project.
Whilst we are developing Unify (currently in script development), I’ve managed to pick up another exciting project called 8. An internet webseries about 8 people who recieve a mysterious summons, and their lives begin to unravel.
More on that to come.....

Recently I’ve been in touch with Martin Gooch, director extrodinaire, who has sent me several interesting scripts to peruse and is currently in development for a new project which hopefully will be shooting this January.

Acting wise, I’ve been busy working on my character for the feature film ‘Dead by Midnight’, please see the website

Dead By Midnight -The film is a unique and entertaining dark thriller presented to the audience in a way unlike any film that has ever been made. Designed to surprise and shock, we offer the same morbid satisfaction one gets from seeing real life tragedy unfold before our eyes.
We are voyeurs. Nothing has changed in the history of mankind from the time of watching gladiators battle to death, to public executions in the middle ages to live news footage today.

We are the generation who will click on youtube to watch someone die on the other side of the world, then forward the link and move onto the next video clip.

Check out an interview I did for a new webshow called IVIEWME.
I had to create 10 questions I’d like to be asked....see below

Hope you enjoy it
Till next time!

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