18 January 2011

Its January in 2011 already....!

There are two speeds in this industry crazy and so painfully slow it drags.
2011 is gearing up to be more crazy than slow, which bodes well for the rest of the year.
Getting back to London last week after a lovely xmas and new years in the sun it hasn’t stopped! Literally!
I came back not knowing what I was going to do and ‘BANG’, Im now co-producing Martin Gooch’s feature film Death.
After working on a lot of the promo material last year, and also dragging my feet through a profoundly disappointing year, it’s a lovely surprise that in 2011 I am co-producing a feature. I flew into London and now one week later, I am working in my tiny production office on location in Basingstoke at Malshanger Manor House.
Its beautiful, huge grounds full of woolly sheep, pheasants (I’ve never seen them live before), woodcocks and chickens. We are actually living on the Coleman Estate – remember the mustard?
Lord Coleman has a house out the back!

Its beautiful yet crazy, we have so many amazing people on this shoot, including Leslie Phillips, Linal Haft, Paul Freeman, and of course BAFTA winning director Martin Gooch and our amazing editor Paul Davies (Octopussy etc).
Im very lucky to be working with an amazing crew who are lovely although most of the time it is madness around here!

Great start to 2011, bring on the work!

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