14 April 2010

Mike Leigh goes to Cannes!

Wow, the question is now who ISN'T going to Cannes!

Mike Leigh has a new film, confirmed to be premiering at Cannes this year. Have a read!

Also on that there are a whole heap of films that will be shown at Cannes at the bottom of that email. Im a little hurt Platinum Chisel is not there. I guess the Guardian is biased to UK films.

In other good news we are invited to show at the Vladivostock Film Festival. A little strange and - to use a very aussie saying - RANDOM, but there you go.

What am I watching right now? A great interview with Ricky Gervais and some other guy (no actually Stephen Merchant) about their new film Cemetary Junction. Which incidentally has been advertised to hell and back. Have a look here.

In other great news, we have an imdb page for Platinum Chisel.
Please go there, vote for us, visit the page and boost our numbers!
And then go to facebook, join the group and tell your friends.

Its been a long labour of love to create this film and come friday we will be uploading the FINAL version to Short Film Corner. Fingers crossed,
Until then.
In the words of our fearless leader,
Go Hard, Go Chisel.

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