29 April 2010

Sci Fi Film Festival, Cannes Countdown, Auditions!

What a couple of weeks!
For the first time ever I was laid down by severe muscle strain in my back. How did I do it you ask?
I have NO IDEA!!
Then this week I have had 6 days of gastro.
Tell you what its been really crazy. Maybe that’s the reason for all these illnesses, Im getting sick because Im worried, stressed and trying to hold it altogether!

SCI-FI Film Festival
I attended the opening last night, complete with storm troopers, press and directors. The free chocolates were fantastic and then it was trumped by free drinks and then cupcakes and icecream. Which did nothing to cool the hot atmosphere inside the Apollo theatre. But it made a very happy Jade and Siti who accompanied me.
We saw the Arthur C. Clarke awards, and watched China Mieville win for his latest novel, and then were ushered in to watch the feature film Splice by Vincenzo Natali, its now in talks with Warner Bros to be released worldwide!
The short film that won the 48 hour film challenge was inspiring and amazing - better than films Ive done with no time limit!
Well done to those guys.

Its been fantastic, offers have been coming in for it to be screened in places as far as Vladivostock, France and Portrugal. Not to mention a few interesting distribution offers.
I've been hard at work on the website refining everything I want. The new website is fantastic (I did it myself so it must be!) and will be launched very very soon.
Watch this space…..

Auditions have been great, I met with a certain agent who seemed very nice and proceeded to tell me about what I should do in an audition… was a bit bizarre.
Im torn, not so sure about them, although the feedback so far has been very good.

On the other hand I will be working very hard with ICM at Cannes. So very exciting to be paired with such an amazing company!
I will be working with their US branch as a production intern. Should be a very interesting experience, and hopefully they might be interested in representing me in London (I should be sooo lucky!).

That’s all for now folks,
Keeping you posted and thank you for reading!
Jade xoxo

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