12 April 2010


Having one of those days where everything seems so hard and so much effort and I wonder will any of it pay off?
I know we all have days like this and its probably caused by too much work, yet I still wonder whats going on!
A good friend advised me that probably this crazy life where I am constantly on the edge of being broke and working all the time has to stop sometime. And today is one of those days that I agree.
Although to be fair I worked all weekend and am feeling just exhausted mentally and physically. Not to mention that since I woke up, its been one setback after another.

When you put so much effort into one thing, for example my film, and then to have it knocked back in your face at the very end stages just really reallyfrustrates me.
Waiting waiting. Waiting for other people to let me know, to get back to me, is so frustrating!

Breath deep. Know it won't last forever. Keep pushing up hill even when today I don't feel like it.
Hopefully it will all pay off one day.
Fingers crossed.

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