24 March 2010

The 1000 Journals Project, I stumbled upon whilst surfing.
A man releases 1000 blank journals in the world for people to write, draw and illustrate their life experiences and pass on..did they ever come back?
What happened to all those journals?
Or read the book at amazon! Its beautiful, leather and stiched inside too!
I would love to start a project like this, linking people around the world through experience of expressing yourself in a journal then passing it on, and on and on......

I found this article on Raindance, my new favourite newsletter.
It is great for actors in London, gives you lots of things to sign up to and ideas to ponder...

A photographer I went to auditon for, has the most beautiful photos of her dreams!!! They are just amazing!
Maybe I'll begin another dream journal....

What inspires you?

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