11 March 2010

Auditions and Craziness

What a week! Its been a bit crazy and hard to believe it is still only Thursday.
I think my panda eyes are getting larger, not to mention the fact I feel off because of a coldy/fluy thing in my throat.
My best friend just had a baby, her second. Shocking, I know.
But what a beautiful girl, Ella! Welcome to the world.

I am shooting this weekend and I cant seem to get to bed before 11pm each night! Too much to do!
What? I hear you ask. (Well actually I do not kid myself that people are reading this but it is a good exercise for me and way to keep writing!).
Well, on Tuesday I had an audition with Greg (yep he actually was asked to act), where we played an aussie couple (scary huh?!) and said aussie stuff like sheila, bloke, mate, koala, fosters, backpacking in earls court (WTF???!!!) and pretended it was another language.

Then we must have impressed as we were asked to come back for a callback on wed. So back we went and hopefully impressed the directorwith our ocka

Then afterward I had an audition for XBox Live which consisted of being amazed and "just look like the Xbox is changing your life right now!". Hmmm…ok.

Then this morning I got a call from a rather large prestigious theatre company who would like to audition me for their new show which sounds Amazing!!
So I say:
J: Sure, umm when are you devising the show?
Them: During May
J: Oh sorry I am actually at the Cannes Film Festival then.
T: Oh alright, well we need to think about that, we'll call you back tomorrow.
J: (idiot idiot idiot).

Although I may still have an audition with them it really is not the worst possible choices; do a show with the National Theatre or go to Cannes? Oh life has changed!
So in summary things are going well.

Also my last film I was involved in has gone live.
I am featured in the opening scene, as a chinese woman in Beijing having yum cha with the girls. All in Mandarin!
The Night the Creatures Came Alive part of the 28day Film Festival Challenge is going to be in competition this Saturday so fingers crossed!
Here is a link to the trailer.

Im shooting a short feature this weekend called Spring Rolls, speaking in Mandarin, but written by an Italian scriptwriter, with an Indian director, produced in London.
Should be interesting…….
Bye for now
Jade xoxo

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