19 March 2010

Well, its been a while since my last post and I have been recovering from bad laryngitis.
Trying to speak in Chinese with my basic working level of mandarin whilst having said laryngitis over the weekend was a massive challenge.

Also I found being sick on a film set is not fun. I have been sick on set before, but not on a no budget film - ahhhh chaos……weirdly fun when you are well and not so much when you are very ill.
One thing I Always inevitably find on set, whether or not there is money behind the project, is that if one or more people aren't into the film then….well chaos reigns.
In this case, surprisingly, it was the producer.

Maybe people underestimate the effort and time involved? Who knows. I just know that this certain person decided that we didn't need key props the morning of the shoot and that he didn’t have time to collect them.
But rather than complain about this, I take it as another lesson about having a DEDICATED crew and cast.

Reminds me of my own film, which by the way is doing well. Understatement - its doing AMAZING, racing against the Cannes Independent deadline. Im currently conversing with Sydney and London based post production crew which is kinda fun, although costly!
I do not want to look at my phone bill next month!!!

Still reading up on Cannes, it sounds crazy yet amazing. Im really hoping to meet some celebrities, being, in my world, anyone from any Joss Whedon project. Or even Joss himself.
I think I would probably just gape. And maybe do that thing in Waynes world, kneel on the ground and worship saying "im not worthy!".
Who knows what will happen, but I am hoping to be placed with an awesome producer. Im in two minds, someone big has massive kudos and pulling power. Warner Bros, or Fox Searchlight!
But someone smaller probably has more to teach me, yet may not be able to offer me a job afterward or have as much wow factor. Decisions decisions!

BTW if anyone knows a Grader please give them my number/website please! so they can contact me!

Also Im crazy excited about my new film poster for Platinum! Check it out!
Xoxo Jade

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