9 May 2010

Off to Cannes

Despite the volcano Efflakjoutyx.... ( I cannot spell or pronoune it), I'm currently en route to marble arch station to catch another bus to get to Luton airport at an early hour. Therefore it is now some ungodly hour where tube is not on yet, and I share the beginning of my journey, rather ironically,with a load of tired drunks.

The weather is frozen and sky barely lightening and I'm hoping to be under 30 kgs or incur the wrath of easyjet. Financial wrath that is, for 45£ for each 3kg...,yes.
Slowly other travellers have boarded and I don't feel so dirty now.
; )
So very excited and worried I've forgotten or misplaced but- no I have everthing including my stuffed security blanket, Totoro.
He will be witnessing all my adventures and may even blog once.
Lots of love
See you in Cannes!
Jadie xoxo

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Location:Bus to airport

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