21 May 2010

Cannes wind down

Well Cannes is winding down most of our friends left this morning or yesterday and there is a definately feel of finishing. Which is sad but honestly I'm exhausted fromgetting 4-5hours sleep a nite!!
Recent news is I entered the flip camera competition mainly cos they give you a free flip camera worth 500US and you have to shoot a film. So I entered yesterday very late(blagged myself in really as I hadn't registered and registration was cut off last week). I had 24 hours to make a short
Which isn't so bad but I had to work both days and fit It in around that!!
But I did it, chck out the film at
You can watch it here:

Tickets Please!

"Made for the 2010 Flip Contest at Cannes Film Festival.

Tickets please is a short film about the non professionals who attend Cannes. Coming from around the world, standing for hours outside the Palais with handwritten signs hoping to see the films, or even walk the red carpet."

Directed by Jade Alexander.

Today is the day for the competition judgeing so fingers crossed!
Also as a side not today at the carlton hotel I saw a bugatti and a new concept mclaren. Wow.
Just about to head home to get changed for tonigts parties!
Beautiful weather and I can't wait to swim and sunbake tomorrow!
Me and alyssa being papped.

Beautiful weather


Concept mclaren see the wing door!

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  1. so much fun!
    I love reading your posts!
    go girl!