20 May 2010


Hi everyone,
Sorry I have been a bit lax but when your average day begins at 7.30am and you arrive home at 3am, there is very little time to spend blogging!

But its still amazing.
Im sitting in the lobby of the Carlton hotel as I write this, regretting ordering my espresso, it is 7 Euros. Officially the most expensive coffee I have EVER had. And yet still not the best!

Today is a beautiful day and I was lucky enough to have to run errands and walk up and down the Croisette (which is the boardwalk alongside the beach. People are sunbaking and its real sunshine and warmth.
I have just recieved another text for an errand so I'd better go and fill you all in on the juicy goss after....

Paul Allen unfortunately did not invite me to either of his yacht parties, I am a little sore about that but its fine, I will not invite him to my house for dinner.
In case you're wondering Paul is one of the Microsoft founders and owns one of the largest private yachts in the world. In fact it has a submarine on board that seats 8 people!
Last night he had the Rolling Stones perform and on Sunday night it was Wyclef Jean and Bono. I think my invite was lost in the post...At the party, all of ICM and all the big guys in town, including talent like Meg Ryan, Cuba Gooding junior, Jean Claude Van Dam, Xavier Bardem, Giarmo Del Toro etc etc...

Oh dear have to run an errand blog again soon!

xoxo jade

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